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The Mikado - ICW Productions
Directed by Mark Barford

Photos by Andrea Evans

The Mikado

By Gilbert & Sullivan 

Regal Theatre, May 2014

Director- Mark Barford

Musical Director- Ian Westrip

Set & Costume Designer- Sara Chirichilli

Choreographer- Benjamin Franzen

Lighting Designer- Jenny Vila

Sound Designer- David Keys

Starring- James Berlyn, Richard Symons, Elsie Gangemi, Ronald Macqueen, Fleuranne Brockway, Erin Bussanich, Laura Pitts, Christopher Waddell, Lucien Fischer

Featuring- Chorus & Full Orchestra 

Presented by- ICW Productions




'We have come to expect a high standard of theatre from ICW productions, and indeed that’s just what we get with this clever and entertaining production of the most popular of all Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. The pseudo-Japanese setting gave the creators open slather. They sent up almost every institution known to politics, took the micky out of toffs and commoners alike and pointed out a few home truths about the human condition in general. Director Mark Barford brought out all these elements in his production. He had excellent material in his cast, all of whom, from Nanki-Poo (Richard Symons) to the well-drilled chorus, excelled in their roles. The company comprised over 30 performers, and none was less than excellent. In short, there was never a dull moment. 4 stars out of 5' Carol Flavell Neist, Arts Hub


'Sometimes the old classics need a little 21st century reboot. ICW Productions and Mark Barford have updated the perennially popular Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera The Mikado at the Regal Theatre with a lot of flair, new lyrics and a few iGadgets. Taking his visual cues from Japanese Anime and his re-written lyrical cues from current headlines, Barford has given this Victorian British satire a decidedly modern Western Australian slant. One of the joys of these types of modernisations is the anticipation of seeing what gets reinvented scene by scene; there’s plenty of that to look forward to, although the updates probably won’t upset the traditionalists either… The plot is of course terribly silly, but mercifully Barford doesn’t go overboard and milk everything to death... This isn’t your typical Mikado, but it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser, and will keep your traditionalists happy as well as offer something fun for those who don’t normally put G&S high on their theatre to-do list.' Cicely Binford, Aussie Theatre


'When Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado premiered in 1885, British society was enamoured of Japanese culture. Perhaps more than any time since, the present Western fascination with Anime and other Japanese social phenomena, means everything Japanese is popular again. With this in mind, director Mark Barford sets this Mikado in the world of present day Anime to explore present day local issus in a similar manner to the original production. This production has cartoonish Ninjas, schoolgirls who look like friends of Sailor Moon and who are the epitome of "Kawaii" (cute), smart phones and selfies and messages coming via email to ipads...This was a stunning looking production…A top quality modern interpretation of a delightful operetta.' Kimberley Shaw, Stage Whispers

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