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King Hit - Yirra Yaakin
Directed by Kyle Morrison
King Hit (c) Simon Pynt

King Hit

Written by Geoffrey Narkle & David Milroy 


Directed by Kyle J Morrison

Starring: Clarence Ryan, Karla Hart, Benj D’Addario & Maitland Schnaars

Director: Kyle J Morrison

Writers: Geoffrey Narkle & David Milroy

Set & Costume Designer: India Mehta

Lighting Designer: Jenny Vila

Music & Sound Designer: Clint Bracknell

Stage Manager: Rebecca Davidse

Fight Choreographer: Andy Fraser

This critically acclaimed play strikes at the very heart of the Stolen Generation, exploring the impact on an individual and a culture when relationships and family bonds are brutally broken. Told with great impact and from a uniquely Noongar perspective, King Hit features an all-Western Australian cast, directed by Kyle J Morrison.

Based on the life story of Geoffrey Narkle, King Hit mirrors the lives of many Aboriginal people of his generation. Forcibly removed from his family, Geoffrey was raised on Wandering Mission before leaving to join Stewart's Boxing Troupe, where he travelled the South West as a tent boxer.

Ultimately it would be Geoffrey's fighting spirit that gave him the strength to turn away from a downward spiral of despair and find peace within and reconcile broken family bonds.

“A powerful theatrical event” – The Australian

“Highly entertaining as well as very moving” – The West Australian

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