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One Night Echo - The Duck House
Directed by Kathryn Osborne
One Night Echo Written by Gita Bezard 2
One Night Echo Written by Gita Bezard 1

One Night Echo

Written by Gita Bezard


November 7 -- 17, 2012 Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Director / Producer: Kathryn Osborne

Writer / Production Manager: Gita Bezard

Dramaturg: Humphrey Bower

Movement Mentor: Brooke Leeder

Composer / Musician: Elliott Hughes

Lighting Design: Jenny Vila

Set and costume design: Lea Klein

Sound Design: Dean Hall

Performers: Alissa Claessens, Brendan Ewing, Will O'Mahony, Fran Middleton and Tyrone Robinson

Musicians: Kate Pass, Ethan Darnelli, Jeremy Thomson

Devised with Tim Watts

Party. 3am. Those who remain look for love in the dirt. The Birthday Boy is in a world of his own, absorbed by his own brilliance. The Star laughs at The Nobody who stumbles alone in the moonlight. The Loner watches and waits. An echo fights to be heard amongst the early morning tunes, a scattered cry of sadness drifting through the night. In that blurry time between midnight and dawn, where self interest rules, the party people sparkle as the music plays on.

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